Te Mihi Reinjection Pump Station

PROJECT: Te Mihi Steamfield Geothermal Reinjection Pump Station. MTL ROLE: MTL undertook the detailed design of Contact Energy’s Karapiti Pump Station, a critical facility which provides for the brine reinjection for to three Contact Power Stations; TeMihi 164 MW, Wairakei 132 MW and Poihipi 55 MW. The pump station re-injects geothermal separated water (brine) discharged [...]

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Production Piping

PROJECT: Connection of production well to Power Station production facilities. MTL ROLE: MTL were engaged as the designer to connect the new production well into existing production piping system. The detailed design included the design of the high pressure wellhead piping, two-phase cross country piping, tie-in piping and civil/structural design of all pipe supports and [...]

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Poihipi Power Station

PROJECT: 55 MW Geothermal Power Station. MTL ROLE: Design for the new 55 MW power station including; Preliminary design, from the receipt of Fuji turbine and generator drawings, through to initial layouts, plant arrangements, principal plant procurement; Detailed design of the complete plant, mechanical, electrical, and controls and instrumentation, suitable for construction; Construction supervision; Commissioning [...]

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Te Mihi Steamfield

Project: 162 MW Te Mihi Steamfield process design, Pump Station detailed design. MTL Role: Process design for the expanded Te Mihi steamfield serving the new Te Mihi Power Station and the 60 year old Wairakei Power Station. A flexible process design was required to accommodate the various stages involved with integrating the new power station. [...]

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Ngatamariki Steamfield

PROJECT: Steamfield to serve the 82 MW Ngatamariki Geothermal Power Station. MTL ROLE: MTL were part of a design build team for the Steamfield led by Hawkins Infrastructure. The detailed design of over 7.5km of Steamfield including 2 phase pipework, brine pipework, production and hot reinjection well pad piping, flash vessels and condensate injection pumping [...]

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Rotokawa OEC21

PROJECT: 5 MW Geothermal Binary Power Station. MTL ROLE: MTL provided engineering services for this plant from initial procurement advice through to plant commissioning. Our Engineers were on site during the complete construction period, managing the mechanical contractor, and overseeing the quality of the workmanship. This project involved the construction of an Ormat 5 MW [...]

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Karaha Steamfield Design (Fluid Collection and Reinjection System)

PROJECT: 30MW Geothermal Power Plant. MTL ROLE: MTL was the steamfield (FCRS) detailed designer for the EPC contract to build the 30MW Karaha Power Plant. The development is located in the West Java Province, Indonesia, and is being constructed for operator Pertamina Geothermal Energy (PGE) using existing and new wells. The steamfield consists of 22km [...]

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Olkaria 1 Unit 6 Owners Engineer

PROJECT: 70 MW Geothermal Steamfield. MTL ROLE: KenGen are custodians of a significant geothermal resource in the Rift Valley, Kenya. The Olkaria I Unit 6 project will add 70MW to KenGen’s significant geothermal capability. The project aim is to optimise the use of existing, unutilised production wells, minimising project development risks. MTL is performing the [...]

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Wellhead Piping

Project: Connection of a wellhead into the existing wellhead manifold. MTL Role: MTL carried out the detailed design of the wellhead piping including the civil and structural design of the pipe supports and foundations. The design connected the well via a DN300 line to the existing cross over piping between production systems. Our scope included [...]

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