Steamfield to serve the 82 MW Ngatamariki Geothermal Power Station.


MTL were part of a design build team for the Steamfield led by Hawkins Infrastructure. The detailed design of over 7.5km of Steamfield including 2 phase pipework, brine pipework, production and hot reinjection well pad piping, flash vessels and condensate injection pumping system. The design included DN750 and DN900 2 phase piping and support systems and cooling water channels.

The production well pads included for well minimum flow systems to allow continued well operation during Steamfield shutdowns. The minimum flow required separated fluid handling systems to be developed, that included brine cooling, brine reticulation, storage and reinjection pumping systems.


The project is fully operational. The design was completed under tight time constraints to ensure that project objectives were met. This required working closely with the constructor of the Steamfield, Hawkins Infrastructure to ensure timely delivery of the project.


Mercury NZ, Hawkins Infrastructure, McMahon Electrical.