Muara Laboh Silica Variation.


Supreme Energy, the Owner of the Muara Laboh steamfield and 80 MW power plant in West Sumatra, Indonesia identified a number of production wells with high silica levels that were not within the allowable silica levels for the stage 1 design.

MTL was engaged by Rekayasa, the steamfield EPC contractor, to assist with a new fast tracked higher pressure two phase, steam, and brine reinjection system. The high-pressure design had multiple interfaces with the under construction stage 1 steam field. The brine reinjection system followed the stage 1 brine system with appropriately spacing the line foundations to avoid the foundations of the existing system.


MTL worked closely with all parties to produce a clear preliminary design and material take off of the proposed design, considering the Owners concerns and learnings from the stage 1 development. Rekayasa completed the detailed design, and the project has been commissioned and is operating.


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