Te Mihi Steamfield Geothermal Reinjection Pump Station.


MTL undertook the detailed design of Contact Energy’s Karapiti Pump Station, a critical facility which provides for the brine reinjection for to three Contact Power Stations; TeMihi 164 MW, Wairakei 132 MW and Poihipi 55 MW. The pump station re-injects geothermal separated water (brine) discharged from the production wells.

The design accommodates a range of different operating scenarios that provides Contact Energy with flexibility in operating their Power Stations and allows for safe removal of a complete pump assembly for cleaning offsite while maintaining operation of the pump station. An OPEX analysis was completed as part of the final pump selection process to identify the optimum configuration.


The Karapiti Pump Station has been in operation since 2011, providing reliable service re-injecting over 3000 tonnes/day of brine.


MB Century, McMahon Engineering Consultants, and Sigma Consulting.