55 MW Geothermal Power Plant.


MTL was part of the New Zealand based design team which successfully won the EPC tender for the construction of the 55 MW Lumut Balai Geothermal Power Plant in Indonesia. MTL’s role was to deliver the detailed design of the steamfield, working as a subcontractor for one of New Zealand’s largest construction companies.

The steamfield design consisted of:

  • 3 production clusters, consisting of wells and a separation plant at each.
  • 4.5 km of steam lines, along with a condensate collection system.
  • 9 km of hot injection lines, flash tanks, brine storage and pumping.
  • Steam collection header, mist eliminator and steam vents.
  • Cold injection line and cooling tower sump pumps.
  • One reinjection cluster and brine storage.


MTL completed a large portion of the detailed design, however the project was paused due to issues that presented during the construction phase. The project was restarted and completed by other parties using elements of MTL design. The project was completed and is in operation.


McMahon Electrical.