Mangere Wastewater Treatment Plant BNR & SSU Upgrade.


MTL has provided engineering support for the Mangere WWTP Biological Nutrient Removal (BNR) and Solid Stream Unit (SSU) Upgrade projects from 2012 to the present including:

  • Secondment of personnel to Watercare for Owner’s Engineer roles including procurement support, project and contract management
  • Project enabling and temporary works design including service building relocations, temporary digester feed pump station, polymer slicing unit and primary sedimentation tank spray system upgrade;
  • Commissioning of the biosolids building ventilation system;
  • Contractor design support (piping material take-offs) for HEB Construction, McConnell Dowell for BNR contract for tender and procurement;
  • Constructability review and coordination for solid stream unit and bio-solids building;


Watercare engaged MTL to provide engineering support for the upgrade projects due to our proven track record for successful delivery of brownfield plant retrofits where attention to detail and construction and commissioning experience is required.


Watercare Services, HEB Construction, McConnell Dowell, Brian Perry Civil, AKWAS.