90 MLD Floating Pump Platform, Hamilton Water Treatment Plant.


MTL were engaged by Downer to provide a ‘fast-track’ mechanical and structural design for an innovative floating pump platform to supply raw water to the Hamilton WTP when the Waikato River levels are low. The pump platform, installed March 2016, was designed with 10 m cantilevered pivot arms and walkway fixed to the inlet structure. The design minimised environmental impact on the river and accommodated changes of up to 3 m in river level while providing safe access from the WTP.

The ~40 tonne platform is modular, breaking down into 6 parts for ease of removal, storage and redeployment during summer drought periods. The platform can accommodate 4 pumps, with 3 pumps currently providing a capacity of 70 MLD with future capacity of 90 MLD.


The project ensures the city of Hamilton can access water from the river during exceptionally-low river levels and provide security of supply for the city’s 165,000 residents. The project deferred replacement of the existing intake structure valued at $26M.


Downer Group & Ergo Consulting Ltd