40 MLD Fairview PS Transient Investigation and Upgrade.


A significant pressure transient caused the Glenvar watermain to rupture and also damaged valves and piping within the Fairview Ave Pump Station. Watercare engaged MTL to provide technical leadership and develop the interim and permanent repair scope.

Hytran pressure transient modelling of the local network identified issues with the air release valves (ARVs) and pump soft starter settings which was causing premature failure and leakage from the ARV’s. Low cost options were developed to address this issue and the performance was verified by the transient model before implementation.

A technical specification, CAPEX estimate and scope of work for the pump station repairs was provided to Watercare. The work included refurbishment of the pumps, replacement of irreparable equipment, pump discharge piping repairs and pipe support upgrades designed by MTL using AutoPIPE & NozzlePRO stress modelling.


Implementation of the pump station repairs was successfully carried out with minimum disruption to the network supply and only two twelve hour road closures.Installation of anti-shock ARVs has significantly reduced operational transients and eliminated flooding of neighbouring properties.


Guaranteed Flow Systems Ltd, SGS Ltd, Flowserve Corporation.