Why invest in an experienced and suitably qualified Contract Administrator to manage your Construction Contract?

Because your project is likely to be at risk of significant avoidable delays and costs, without their expertise. MTL have Senior Professional Engineers who have considerable experience in administering Construction Contracts. We understand the commercial constraints that Clients and Contractors face.

A project is a true success if everyone, including Clients, Stakeholders and Contractors accomplish their project objectives.

Recognition of each other’s objectives and working together proactively to achieve these is beneficial for all parties. The Contract Administrator is best placed to promote collaborative working relationships between parties. This is assisted by providing clear and concise contract documentation to clearly communicate expectations to avoid surprises.

A Construction Contract in its strictest form is only relied upon when either party fails to deliver to agreed expectations. It is therefore essential that day to day business is managed to comply with general requirements of the contract to ensure it can be relied upon if needed. This includes the preparation of suitably worded contract instructions throughout the project to ensure time, cost and quality are closely managed.


  • Tender document preparation
  • Tender process management
  • Advice on suitable forms of contract to be utilised
  • Preparation of Construction Contract documentation
  • Compilation of Contract Scope documents (Employers Requirements)
  • Coordination of Technical on site Supervision
  • Administration of a range of Construction Contracts
  • Knowledge and advice concerning NZS3910, NZS3916, FIDIC, NEC3 forms of contract and CCA compliance requirements
  • Fulfilment of “Engineer”& “Project Manager” contract representative roles