Upper Nihotupu Dam and Hydro Upgrade.


Working closely with Watercare Services Ltd, MTL led a design team for a major upgrade at Upper Nihotupu Dam in the Waitakere Ranges Regional Park. The upgrade ensures the dam complies with stringent Resource Management Act & Building Act requirements. Two 1kW 24V Eco-Innovation micro-hydro generators are installed to power controls & instrumentation, including 230V actuated 600NB intake valves via a 5kW inverter. Control & consent compliance monitoring is via radio to Watercare’s Newmarket control room.


Upgrade of Watercare Services Ltd, Upper Nihotupu Dam ensures a sustainable water resource for the next 100 years in the Waitakere Regional Park. Meeting the consent discharge consent deadlines 12 months from kick-off was a major achievement.


McMahon Electrical, SKM, NZ Controls, Controlweb, Brian Perry Civil, Canadian Pacific Ltd, Clarksons, Service Engineers.

“It was rewarding to work with a focused and innovative design and construction team, where solving the issues was always a team approach. Don Purdie - MTL Project Manager