Implementation of NZ’s first Regenerative Siloxane Filter.


Siloxane deposits in reciprocating engines operating on landfill gas is a worldwide problem. The siloxane deposits significantly increase engine maintenance costs. MTL were engaged to explore possible methods for removing siloxanes from the landfill gas (LFG) and undertook extensive investigations into the potential use of a relatively new regenerative siloxane scrubber system offered by PP Tek. A project feasibility study was completed including a business case which highlighted the benefits of installing the system. MTL subsequently undertook the detailed design, assisted with contractual negotiations and provided site technical assistance.


A superior solution, compared to traditional adsorption filters, was implemented in that; the system self-regenerates, minimising pressure drop, eliminates the risk of contamination through filter media breakdown; and removes other VOC’s from the LFG.


PP Tek, McMahon Electrical.