Turbine Relief Valves (TRVs), monitoring and protection system upgrade for the 2x60MW hydro generators.


Operation of the TRVs at Eildon is critical for the safety of the generators. MTL reviewed the TRV issues, potential failure modes and solutions. MTL then designed and commissioned the TRV monitoring and protection system. The design included: development of P&ID and a functional description (FD), followed by equipment specification and design to meet the FD requirements.


The monitoring system was successfully delivered which enables fault detection and diagnosis and allowing the station to build up a plant history of the TRV performance. The system also provides protection to reduce plant damage in the event of a TRV failure.


McMahon Engineering Consultants (MECL), Mechanical Engineering Corporation, EDC Electrical.

“This design was developed from the perspective of how the system should operate, and what protection is appropriate. It’s success was based on client consultation and partnership allied with a thorough technical understanding of the TRV and related systems.” David McLachlan - MTL Project Manager