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Thermal Power Engineering

MTL's involvement in thermal power plant covers a wide range of projects. From coal fired Rankine cycle units through to landfill gas, and diesel plants, MTL has delivered a range of engineering projects.

MTL has experience in the design and procurement of landfill gas engines, including gas treatment plants, and Siloxane treatment. This experience includes the process design for the gas plant, detailed design and commissioning of gas treatment plants, and procurement and construction management of the gas engines.

Gas engines for power generation and for cogeneration, digester gas engines for cogeneration in waste water treatment plants, and diesel engines for pacific island base load generation are included in our projects delivered.

Each of these projects provide their own challenges. The formality of the MTL design process, and the range of skills in our design team, focus attention on these challenges at an early stage of the project, ensuring that they are closely managed throughout the project.

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